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MTB- MT&B Banking Corp.

MT&T Bank Corporation (MTB) is a bank holding company for Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company and Wilmington Trust, National Association. The company was founded in 1856 and is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. MTB has a five segments, including Business Banking, Commercial, Commercial Real Estate, Residential Mortgage Discretionary Portfolio, and Retail banking.

The business banking segment offers deposits, lending, cash management to small businesses and professionals. The commercial banking segment provides deposits, commercial lending & leasing, LCs, cash management to middle-market and large commercial customers.

MTB’s commercial real estate segment originates, sells, and services commercial real estate loans and offers deposits and credit services. The residential mortgage segment offers residential real estate loans to consumers and sells those loans in the secondary market.

The company’s discretionary portfolio segment provides deposits, securities, residential real estate loans, and other assets; and short and long term borrowed funds, as well as foreign exchange services.

MTB’s retail banking segment offers banking products such as deposits, consumer installment loans, automobile and recreational finance loans, LCs and credit cards; mutual funds and annuities; and other services. The company also provides trust and wealth management, fiduciary and customer services as well as financial advisory services.