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IBM- International Business Machines Corporation

International Business Machines Corporation provides integrated solutions and services worldwide. Formerly know as Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co., the company was incorporated in 1911 and is headquartered in Armonk, New York. The company’s products provide solutions to various industries including automotive, banking, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, telecommunications and more and has more than 307,600 employees worldwide. 

It operates in four segments, namely: Software, Consulting, Infrastructure, and Financing. The Software segment offers hybrid cloud platform and software solutions, such as Red Hat, an enterprise open-source solutions; software for business automation; data and artificial intelligence solutions; and security software and services for threat, data, and identity. This segment also provides transaction processing software used in in banking, airlines, and retail industries. 

The Consulting segment offers business transformation services, including BPO, strategy, and operations, data and analytics.  

The Infrastructure segment provides on-premises and cloud-based server and storage solutions for its clients, and solutions for hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

The Financing segment offers lease, installment payment, loan financing, and short-term working capital financing services.