US Share Pack – About

1 Oct 2021
The US share pack provides you with an ideal portfolio of stocks to buy for the long term at the time of purchase. They provide diversification across securities and industries, and as they are not designed to be traded on a regular basis, this portfolio is suited to investors with lower capital amounts who are concerned about trading costs or who have limited time.

For stocks to be included in the US share pack, they must first be a constituent of either the S&P100 or Nasdaq100, meaning we limit the portfolio to holding only the largest US stocks, based on their market capitalization. Accounting for overlap between the two indices, this provides a pool of approximately 170 potential stocks.


We begin with a ranking process based on four main criteria, being market capitalization, 12-month share price momentum, dividend yield, and earnings quality, to which we apply equal weighting too. From this ranking process, we select the top three stocks from each sector, which results in a ‘short list’ of 30 stocks. Beginning at the top-ranked stocks, our team of analysts then provide a discretionary overlay, based on both individual companies’ factors as well as broader market themes and trends to select ten stocks for inclusion in the portfolio. We limit the number of stocks from any one sector to two, resulting in a well-diversified portfolio.

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